Size of harvested animals: any elk or whitetail that is legal according to Montana FWP regulations.  Our mule deer bucks are a great experience to hunt.  Therefore, we encourage you to harvest ONLY large mature 4×4 mule deer bucks.  If the big mule deer buck gets away, please harvest a whitetail buck or doe instead.  We will have mule deer racks available to help distinguish a small mule deer from a large one.  Sustainability is good management for all hunters.




Maps of the hunting districts ( HD 425, HD 442, HD424 ) on the cobb ranch will be available during your time here . The MFWP web site also describes the HDs.    A brief description follows:


HD 425 comprises a huge chunk of the ranch.  It is exceptional mule deer habitat.  It is cow elk only, except 5 bull elk permits are allowed to Montana residents.  They will be asked for an access fee for the elk only, for a 5 day hunt, and in a designated area, so everyone’s privacy while hunting is insured.


HD 442 is on the Cobb Ranch and and also in the national forest .  It’s a migratory route for the elk and bull elk hunting is open all season there, but always read the regulations!


HD 424 covers the ranch property and also the national forest and other ranches.  All big game is available, just be sure to check  the MT FWP regulations and know neighbors property boundaries.  It is good white tail habitat.


To ensure a quality experience, there will be no bucks hunted on the Cobb Ranch for the entire Fall Hunting season except by those who have paid an access fee for them during rifle hunting.


No Bear, mountain lion, or mountain sheep may be hunted.  Wolves may be hunted according to MT FWP regulations.


4WD-ATVs are the preferred means of accessing the ranch roads.  Vehicle  access off the roads is not allowed.  Make sure you are in good physical condition.  You will most likely need to do some hiking as part of your hunt.


The Cobb Ranch is a working cattle ranch.  Ranch employees may be seen at times in your hunting area, preferably not at opportune hunting hours.




Warm boots,

Warm hat /ear protection

Gloves (2 pair minimum)

2 pairs of long johns

Hunting clothes (dress in layers – the temperature can range from 55 F –  -20F


400 sq. “ of hunters orange – state law

sharp skinning knife

good binoculars

range finder ( optional)


weapon + bullets

cell phone

bear spray

GPS locator (optional)

Outdoor emergency/survival kit (MANDATORY)




The town of Augusta is approximately 16 miles from the lodge








Safety and Liability


The Cobb Ranch assumes no liability for any death, injury or damage to anyone or to their equipment or vehicles while they are on the ranch.   The weather can turn quickly to      -30   and visibility can become zero. Grizzly bears and wolves are part of the habitat, and hunters must take precautions.  Since the access fee is for non-guided hunts, we recommend that you hunt in teams ,you carry a GPS locators, a cell phone( which may have  spotty reception), and an emergency kit.   If we believe the weather conditions are unsafe, we will temporarily close our access down. If we know the weather will deteriate, hunting will cease ( SAFETY FIRST). For your safety, hunters should check in by dark.  We will call Search And Rescue, and they are over an hour away in traveling time. The hunter will be responsible for any costs on a rescue.  Hunters are responsible for their own safety and urged to take the necessary precautions. A safety kit should be with you when you are hunting, in case you become stranded. We ask hunters to also be physically fit to hike.